The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition represents organizations with a shared interest in preventing youth violence in Indianapolis. The Coalition's mission is to “convene community stakeholders, conduct research, provide leadership, and empower people to create opportunities that build more peaceful homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces.”

The Coalition activates community partners to prevent youth violence in Indianapolis through 2 strategic initiatives: 

  1. Advocate for system-level change, and 
  2. Champion direct support for youth and families. 
The strategies shall be developed, implemented, and evaluated in the six (6) established task forces:

Crisis Response

Lead the community's messaging around incidents of youth violence and progress

Family Care

Equip parents and caregivers to meet physical, social, mental, and emotional needs of their families


Promote a public policy agenda focused on addressing sources of youth violence


Promote trauma informed care for youth

Youth Employment

Ensure youth of all ages have access to skill development and employment

Youth Voices

Elevate youth voices in violence prevention