Gun thefts from cars are now the largest source of stolen guns.

The majority of gun homicides and assaults involve illegal guns. In cities that report crime data to the FBI: 

  • On average, at least one gun is stolen from a car every 15 minutes. 
  • Thefts from cars divert guns away from the legal market, making them particularly dangerous. 
  • A decade ago, less than a quarter of gun thefts were from cars; in 2020, over half were. 
  • 2019–2020 saw recent history’s biggest spike in gun thefts from cars. 
  • Cars parked at residences (driveways, outside homes, etc.) are the most common source of stolen guns.

Gun Thefts from Cars: The Largest Source of Stolen Guns

Stolen guns create a significant risk to public safety in American communities. They are often illegally trafficked and used in the commission of violent crimes. It is crucial to securely store guns at all times and locations.

To ensure guns are not accessed, used, or stolen by unauthorized persons, guns should be securely stored and not visible when left unattended in cars. In case of theft, immediately report guns as missing.