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Are you a community stakeholder working to prevent youth violence in Indianapolis? If so, you are welcome to join us.

2024 Coalition Membership Agreement

The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition (MCYVPC) convenes community stakeholders, conducts research, provides leadership, and empowers people to create opportunities that build more peaceful homes, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. The MCYVPC activates community partners to prevent youth violence in Indianapolis through 2 strategic initiatives: (1) Advocate for system-level change, and (2) Champion direct support for youth and families. The strategies are developed, implemented, and evaluated in the six (6) established task forces:

  • Policy - Promote a public policy agenda focused on addressing sources of youth violence
  • Crisis Response - Lead the community’s messaging around incidents of youth violence and progress
  • Youth Voices - Elevate youth voices in violence prevention
  • Trauma - Promote trauma-informed care for youth
  • Youth Employment - Ensure youth of all ages have access to skill development and employment
  • Family Care - Equip parents and caregivers to meet the physical, social, mental, and emotional needs of their families

Membership is open to all individuals and organizations who believe in and commit to the mission of the coalition. By completing this Coalition Membership Agreement, you affirm your commitment to supporting the coalition.

Responsibilities of Parties

The Marion County Youth Violence Prevention Coalition shall be responsible to:

  1. Recognize and celebrate the meaningful contributions of its coalition members with spotlights on social media, the website, and newsletters;
  2. Provide ongoing opportunities for members to partner on collaborative events/programs;
  3. Provide coalition materials (brochures) to members upon request;
  4. Provide membership events/meetings;
  5. Provide e‐newsletters and other publications;
  6. Create and follow by-laws and policies;
  7. Create and follow a strategic plan with measurable goals and objectives;
  8. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice;
  9. Respect the right of coalition members to hold their own opinions and beliefs.

The coalition member / organization representative shall be responsible to:

  1. Attend at least half of the coalition meetings held each year / provide an alternate member when unable to attend;
  2. Maintain active involvement in one or more task forces;
  3. Participate in coalition work and volunteer their services for coalition efforts outside of regular meeting time, as needed;
  4. Promote the coalition in the community and seek out new members to join;
  5. Contribute to the strategic planning process;
  6. Provide leadership in the prevention of youth violence in Marion County;
  7. Submit data collected by the member agency annually, if applicable;
  8. Review agency/resource contact information on the MCYVPC website and submit changes;
  9. Communicate coalition member organization events to the coalition.

General Provisions

  • Members may identify themselves as members of the coalition in both their internal and public efforts, including on websites and grant applications.
  • Members may not speak on the coalition’s behalf on policy, partisan politics, or practice.
  • Members agree to be identified as a member of the coalition (by name and/or photo) in coalition-related materials, including the website and/or social media posts.
  • Members agree to receive communications from the coalition via email, text messages, and automated voice messaging systems.
  • This agreement will be completed on a yearly basis.
By clicking 'Submit,' you acknowledge and agree to the current terms and conditions outlined above. Please note that these terms are subject to change with prior notice. You retain the right to withdraw your membership at any time by providing notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

You may also download and complete a physical copy of this agreement by clicking here.